History of
Ba Li Primary School:

In 1946, Ba-Li Campus had set by Chung-Li Elementary School in Chi-Wen Temple and was renamed to Hsin-Ming Elementary School Ba-Li Campus in 1950.

Until 1952, there were five locals who worked hard for educational development donated the land in order to establish the school. Through the locals and the township put a lot of efforts in collecting funds. During 1955, the school had built up four classrooms which became the foundation of the school. In 1956, Ba-Li Campus became independent to Ba-Li Primary School. Up to now, the school has already been forty years. During this pried, there were 10 terms of principals operated and built up the school in a very hard time. The school had taught thousands of outstanding people. 

In September, 1946  Chung-Li Elementary School Ba-Li Campus was established in Chi-Wen Temple

In 1st September, 1950  Rename to Hsin-Ming Elementary School Ba-Li Campus

In 2nd February, 1956  Became independent

In 1st August, 1968    After implemented nine-year-education, rename to Ba-Li Primary school